A Frustrating Montage of People Who Brazenly Block NYC Subway Doors When Others Need to Get On/Off

Door Blockers Subway

Jeff Seal and Jen Carlson of Gothamist have created a frustrating slow motion montage that shows those incredibly self-absorbed people who intentionally and rather brazenly, block the NYC subway doors when others need to enter or exit the car. Despite this poor etiquette of said riders, Carlson offers a bit of empathy, along with a stern lesson about responsibility.

Now, we understand that leaning on the subway doors can be a preferred position on the train car, but if you want to stand there it comes with responsibility. The responsibility to get the hell out of the way when people are having trouble getting on and off the train. Sometimes this just means shifting your body so your back isn’t facing the open door for a moment. Sometimes this means briefly getting off the train. And sometimes this means trying to move further in to the train car, giving up your precious door spot.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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