Exquisitely Detailed Pendants Beautifully Hand Carved Into Dried Avocado Pits

Irish artist Jan Campbell of Avocado Stone Faces, has created a beautiful line of pendants, each featuring exquisitely detail designs that are all made from the pit or stone of an avocado fruit. Much of Campbell’s work is focused on faces and based around characters of legend and folklore as well as some that are more traditional carvings. The pieces can be cast in bronze for longer wear. This wonderful medium came to Campbell by accident.

One day, while preparing an avocado sandwich, I felt reluctant to throw the avocado stone into the bin. I thought that it was too nice an object to throw away. I decided to hold onto the stone so I could take my time thinking about what to do with it. The avocado stone accompanied me as I went about my day, for a few days, inside my coat pocket. When I accidentally scraped the surface of the stone with my nail, a beautiful deep orange pigment surfaced. It occurred to me then to try carving it.