How Peggy Olson of Mad Man Went From New Girl to Become a Newer, Shinier Version of Don Draper

As part of their ongoing analysis of the well-defined, flawed characters of Mad Men, Debra Minoff and Susannah McCullough of ScreenPrism took a look at the hard-won success of Peggy Olson. They zone in on Peggy’s dogged determination, her intellect, dedication and her need to stand out from the crowd, at the risk of mockery and judgment. Peggy’s ability to get past these slights and act “more like a man” allowed her to drop all pretense and get to work, becoming a newer, shinier, better version of her mentor Don Draper.

The future belongs to Peggy Olson, the new girl of AMC’s Mad Men. Watch to understand how she represents a new kind of modern woman of her time.