Atlanta Suburb With Miles of Asphalt Paths Encourages Use of Golf Carts as a Primary Means of Transportation

The always traveling Tom Scott visited with Vanessa Fleisch, the proud mayor of Peachtree City, Georgia. Peachtree City is a planned community 20 minutes outside of Atlanta, that sports miles of small asphalt paths that are the perfect size for golf carts, the preferred method of transportation amongst the citizens. The mayor happily showed Scott around the city via said golf cart, explaining why and how this unusual form transportation is so popular.

It’s a parallel road network basically the majority of the city is accessible by carts and that’s a huge attraction …This place got started originally as a lake, kind of retreat for Atlanta residents and the people who were here basically on only on the weekends. They started taking their golf carts on the roads while leaving playing golf. This whole separate network came up as a result of that, to get them off the roads on their way home.