Sculptor Carves an Incredible Portrait of a Man With a Long Flowing Beard Into a Wheel of Parmesan Cheese

The incredibly talented Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica who has created amazing carvings out of pumpkins and watermelons, went to work on a wheel of Parmesan cheese that cut like marble. Fatica expertly employed his tools, forming an incredibly detailed portrait of a man with a long, flowing beard for a wedding celebrations. While the guests most of the sculpture, Fatica’s wife saved the top of the wheel with the face of the sculpture.

I made this Cheese for a wedding and in this video you can see the moment when the sculpture gets destroyed, but my wife saved the face. …For the first version I worked for 7 h. First Transformation : 1 h. Final version : 3 h. Parmesan Sculpture made for a wedding and eaten by the guests. Thanks to my wife for cutting the cheese carefully.

Carving Bearded Man

With the saved top, Fatica re-employed his tools to give the man’s beard a trim down to a moustache and then down to bare face.

Trimming Parmigiana Sculpture Beard