Hyper Italian Greyhound Parkours Around the House

A hyper little Italian greyhound named Nori adorably races about the house, performing seemingly strategic parkour moves around her human, Victoria, and the roommate’s dog Lee. A kindhearted woman first adopted Nori to keep her pet chihuahua company. Unfortunately, the chihuahua didn’t like Nori at all. After a reluctant goodbye, Nori went to live with Victoria.

The lady said that it wasn’t working out for her that she got her to keep her Chihuahua company because she and her husband are gone for most of the day but the Chihuahua ended up absolutely hating Nori. ….We picked her up and the lady was a mess you could tell she didn’t want to really give her up but she knew it was the best option for her.

Parkour Italian Greyhound

Since then, Nori has been a non-stop ball of energy, though she seems to know exactly what she’s doing.

When she first came she was sniffing around tail between her legs a little bit. It was like a slow build up and now she’s an absolute maniac all day and Italian greyhounds are known for being super fast, but I swear she floats. I don’t even see her. She doesn’t run into walls or anything either. She’s calculated in the way she’s moving around. It’s insane. …There’s literally been people, when I’m just walking here on the street, they’re like what is that? is that a baby kangaroo?

Nori also has a goofy grin that’s super cute.


One of my favorite pass times is racing my big cousin to see who can finish their water first.. even though my bowl is tiny and half of it goes on the ground, i still win every time ? #italiangreyhound #iggysoftiktok #iggy #fyp #fyp?

? Mission Impossible Theme (Movie Trailer Mix) – Dominik Hauser

Lori Dorn
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