Sharon’s Rescue of Ozzy From Alcoholic Excess in 1979 Recreated for ‘Under the Graveyard’ Music Video

Under the Graveyard Music Video Ozzy Osbourne

In the music video for the Ozzy Osbourne song “Under the Graveyard”, actors Jessica Barden and Jack Kilmer respectively play the roles of then Sharon Levy (Osbourne) and Ozzy as they were in 1979 (they married in 1982). As present-day Ozzy sings about life and death, past Ozzy is off on a bender in a hotel room in West Hollywood and a determined Sharon heads over to the hotel to rescue Ozzy from himself.

The rest is history.

Today I woke up and I hate myself
Death doesn’t answer when I cry for help
No high could save me from the depths of hell
I’ll drown my mind until I’m someone else

Don’t take care of me
Be scared of me
My misery owns me
I don’t wanna be my enemy
My misery owns me now

Under the graveyard
We’re all rotting bones
Everything you are
Can’t take it when you go