Todd McFarlane Directs Trippy Music Video For Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Patient Number 9’ With Jeff Beck on Guitar

An animated Ozzy Osbourne sings about being trapped inside an insane asylum in a trippy music video for his single “Patient Number 9” off his long-awaited 13th album of the same name. The video was directed by legendary comic book artist Todd McFarlane and features the equally legendary Jeff Beck on guitar.

Ozzy Osbourne feat. Jeff Beck – Patient Number 9

Ozzy Osbourne Patient Number 9

McFarlane and Osbourne had previously worked together on Ozzy figurines. In an interview with Comicboook, McFarlane stated that he had reconnected with Sharon Osbourne after a number of years.

I got to spend some time with Ozzy and Sharon…when their kids were small, which was cool, watching them grow up on TV. Then a call just came in — I don’t know what the motivation was on their side, but Sharon remembered our working relationship and enjoyed it, and thought that I might be appropriate. We had a conversation, and if nothing else, we just caught up from years past when we had hung out.

via Boing Boing