OURA, An Intuitive Bluetooth Enabled Ring That Tracks How Changes in Sleep Affect Daily Activity

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The OURA, is a high-tech stylish, Bluetooth enabled, intuitive ring that uniquely looks at changes in sleep patterns, heart rate and physical readiness for daily activities. Using the common practice of measuring oxygen through fingers, the OURA is able to zero in on the smallest of details within a person’s vital statistics through a proprietary app. The ring comes in three colors, reaches full charge in less than an hour that will last for three days.

Readiness is an optimal physical and mental state that can be achieved by acquiring the ultimate balance between sleep and activity. OURA guides you towards balance and empowers you to make better choices, so you can experience readiness for yourself. …The OURA mobile app connects seamlessly with the ring for a complete view of your daily fitness and recovery.

By focusing on the balance between daily physical activity and mental load and recovery, OURA helps you understand how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep & performance. …Captures 250 samples per second for a constant flow of reliable data …Detects blood volume pulse, body temperature and activity level with advanced sensors…Determines sleep stages with precision comparable to clinical sleep labs.

Mobile App

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A post shared by ?URA (@ouraring) on

Entrepreneur Kevin Rose tested out the OURA and posted his review.

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