Talented Ostriches on Skis Perform Triple Jumps and Other Tricks in an Ad for the Japan Snow Project

In a very clever ad by Nexus Studios for the Japan Snow Project, several talented ostriches on skis perform a variety of tricks and dances on snow, land, and even on the roof of a building. The flightless birds are not always graceful, there are a number of times when each of them wipes out, but they always get back up again.

Ostriches on Skis

The Japan Snow Project is a corporate effort to once again engage the citizens of Japan in snow sports.

(translated) For snow leisure such as skiing, although the ways to enjoy snowboarding and carving have diversified, the sense of declining demand has been increasing in recent years, and the situation will change with the efforts of each ski resort and individual companies. Is getting harder. Therefore, JR East (East Japan Railway Company), JAL (Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.), and ANA (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.) collaborated with three carriers responsible for access to ski resorts, “JAPAN SNOW PROJECT”. By co-promoting “Snow Leisure”, I would like to revive and expand the snow leisure market.

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