Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler


The Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler by ThinkGeek, is a clever way to discourage people from stealing your lunch.

Engage in some tried-and-true social engineering! Our new Organ Transport Lunch Cooler employs three different methods to dissuade your would-be sammich pilferer: One – Your new lunchbox is going to be pretty unique and will get jaws a-flappin’ over the cool design. Everybody will know who it belongs to, and personalized knowledge of the owner would make the thief feel guilty about stealing. Two – the gross-out factor that the contents of your bag is actual human organs dissuading your thief from even wanting to open it let alone steal it. Three – if the bag actually contained human organs, opening the bag would contaminate the contents, ruining the potential for transplant, and that would be morally reprehensible on a scale that far outstrips simply stealing a lunch.

via who killed bambi?