Dog With ‘Only Child Syndrome’ Becomes Protective Big Brother to New Baby Girl Who Joins the Family

When a wonderfully goofy golden retriever named Kobe saw that his humans Bill and Alexis were readying the house with all sorts of goodies, he thought that were all for him because he was their only child. In reality, they were preparing for the imminent arrival of their baby girl Danielle.

Kobe definitely had only child syndrome he thought everything was for him

Kobe knew something was going on, however, and began doing things that he hadn’t been doing before.

Early in the pregnancy he started laying his head on my belly and that was not a thing he was doing before. When we were setting up the nursery Kobe tried to be super involved.

When baby Danielle finally arrived, Kobe couldn’t stay away. He found himself wanting to protect the little girl.

It was nice to see Kobe be really really interested in her because I know that they’re going to be a big part of each other’s lives… He doesn’t like to be a away from her at night when we get up and feed her, the dog will come into the nursery with us lay down beside Danielle…the best word to describe him as a big brother is protective.