Grateful Octopus Returns to Shore to Thank the People Who Saved His Life

While walking along the Red Sea in Soma Bay, Egypt, a family came across a helpless octopus who was stranded in the sand, dehydrated and dying before their eyes. Without hesitation, they pushed the octopus back into the sea. The octopus took a few minutes to reacclimate to the water and then swam away.

We spent our Holidays at the red sea. While walking along a lonely beach we saw a stranded Octopus in the sand. We were not sure if he is already dead. So we pushed him back into the water. He needed some minutes to recover, then he swam away.

When they returned to the beach the next day, the octopus returned to shore and “walked” alongside them as if to thank them for their lifesaving efforts.

While walking along the beach we saw a shadow in the water coming very quickly to us. It was the octopus we rescued the day before, he recognized us! He followed us for a long time while we walked along the beach, all the time trying to touch our feet. We are sure that this octopus came back to thank us for saving his life. It’s amazing how intelligent animals are.

Rescued Octopus came back to thank us
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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