A Deep Sea Squid With Eight Arms Like an Octopus

Researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute captured absolutely amazing ROV footage of a fascinating squid that has eight bioluminescent arms like an octopus and a detachable tail like a lizard. With the appropriate name of Octopus Squid (Octopoteuthis deletron), this beautiful cephalopod can be found in the Twilight Zone of the Pacific Ocean at depths of 400 to 800 meters (1,300 to 2,600 feet).

Octopoteuthis deletron, also known as the octopus squid, only has eight arms (like its octopus relatives). This species of squid is impressive in many different ways. Their tentacles are bioluminescent, with light-producing photophores at the end of each arm. …Like a lizard that detaches its tail when attacked, these squid can detach their bioluminescent arm tips, leaving a wiggling arm with a flashing photophore in the grasp of their confused would-be predator.