Oakland News Reporter Reunites Carlos Santana With a Homeless Former Bandmate After 40 Years

In December 2013, KRON4 News reporter Stanley Roberts encountered a homeless man in East Oakland named Marcus Malone for his series “People Behaving Badly” during which he learned that Malone was once a member of Santana and known as “Marcus the Magnificent“. During a subsequent meeting, Roberts brought along Bay Area legend Carlos Santana, who was incredibly pleased to see his old friend and bandmate after 40 years.

In an unusual turn of events Stanley Roberts while producing an Illegal dumping story in East Oakland finds a homeless man who claims to be one of the Original founding Santana Band members. …Stanley Roberts reunites Rock Legend Carlos Santana with ex band member Marcus Malone aka Marcus the Magnificent after 40 years.

In 2014, the two musicians also reunited in a San Rafael, California music studio.

Roberts went on to create a multi-part series about Malone.