No Pants Subway Ride 2010: SF Photos & Videos

San Francisco celebrated the 9th Annual No Pants Subway Ride again this year as hundreds of people dropped trou and boarded BART. The train cars were packed to the brim with record numbers of underwear-clad commuters jockeying for a place to stand on Sunday afternoon. After a crowded ride, the throng exited the Embarcadero Station and continued on foot back to the Powell Street station.

At the Powell Street station, the wide selection of pants at the Westfield Mall was briefly blocked by uniformed and pants-wearing security. Not to be deterred, the crowd wandered up Powell Street, past smiling tourists and towards Union Square, where the Levi’s Store had the promise of pants and a good sense of humor. Many of the pantsless participants enjoyed lingering around the Union Square area for a while before disbanding across the city.

Several people have uploaded videos and photos of the event:

Video from @stephane
AP “raw video”
Jim Maurer
Danielle Peña
Jeff Spirer
Rendy Lai
Ralph Nguyen

The event, originally organized by Improv Everywhere in New York City, happened globally in 43 cities this year. Reports from participants in many of those cities can be found on Improv Everywhere’s site.

photo by Jim Maurer

Ed Hunsinger
Ed Hunsinger