New SimCity Announced for 2013

New SimCity

EA has announced an all-new SimCity, to be released in 2013 for PC (trailer). The newest edition of the city-building simulation game will feature 3D graphics and multiplayer. The last major release in the series was SimCity 4, back in 2003.

For more than two decades, the king of city-building simulators has sworn in millions of virtual mayors from around the world. With its return in 2013, SimCity will engage an entirely new generation of PC gamers as they take charge of their own customized cities and build a world that co-exists alongside friends. For the first time in SimCity franchise history, players’ decisions will have long-lasting repercussions that will extend beyond their city limits. Together, players will address real global challenges such as climate change, the search for renewable resources and natural disasters. It’s up to the players to decide whether to compete or collaborate to shape the world of tomorrow – for better or for worse.

via Kotaku

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