New Jersey Man and His Daughter Capture Adorable Photos of a Troop of Baby Foxes That They Found in Their Backyard

Baby Foxes

When Philip Wang discovered a troop of baby foxes in his Princeton, New Jersey backyard, he took the opportunity to photograph them with the help of his daughter Alice. In an interview with, Wang described how he came across the vulpine youngsters in his yard.

I see red foxes a few times a year, so I know we have foxes around, but last week I heard like a soft ‘meowing’ like a cat near a shed. And then I saw that they were very young foxes and started taking their pictures everyday. And they are very, very cute.

Fox Face

Two Baby Foxes

Foxes Playing

Sleeping Twins

Baby Fox Under House

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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