Néit, Smart GPS-Enabled Hard Shell Luggage That Folds Flat for Easy Storage in Small Spaces

Neit Luggage GIF

Néit Luggage is a London-based startup centered around the Néit, a smart GPS-enabled piece of hard shell luggage that folds flat for easy storage in small spaces. The design of the Néit is inspired by an armadillo shell, and the GPS capability means owners can track their luggage with the Néit travel app which stores an itinerary, boarding passes, and other relevant travel information in one place.

Néit Luggage founder Christian Cook is currently raising money to manufacture the Néit case through a Kickstarter campaign with discounted and early units offered as rewards for backers.

Neit Luggage Cover

Neit Luggage Flat

Neit Luggage Wheels

images via Néit

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