Musician Plays His Guitar With an Air Compressor to Replicate the Sounds of Various Wind Instruments

Italian musician David Lap, who previously played a walking bass line with his toes and played his guitar with his hands literally on fire, put out a second video of using his guitar to portray the sounds of other instruments. This time, however, Lap utilized an air compressor to replicate the sound of wind instruments, giving new validity to the term “air guitar”.

I tried to get closer to the sound of some musical instruments with my acoustic and electric guitars, without using pedals, midi, synth or special effects. I discovered that using an air compressor it is possible to get close to the sound of wind instruments: the compressed air makes the strings vibrate and allows to get a sound very different from that of the guitar. Playing on different strings and different octaves, by selecting the different pickups, it is possible to obtain different timbres.