Guitarist Plays a Badass Solo With His Hands on Fire

Musician Davidlap removed his colorful toesocks and instead donned a pair of special gloves own design, which allow big flames to burn freely without injuring the hands underneath. Once his digits were alight, he performed a badass solo on a gorgeous cherry sunburst Gibson Les Paul guitar with his hands on fire. While the musician took proper security measures while filming this video, he vehemently cautions against trying this at home.

DO NOT TRY TO IMITATE ME. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS. I have created special gloves that allow me to play the guitar with the fire in my hands safely without the risk of burning me. I am also supported by a team ready to face any eventuality. ….No guitar has been mistreated or burned during the making of this video. I repeat that I do not want you to try this thing because it is very dangerous.

Guitar played with FIRE

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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