Music To Not Plummet To Your Death By

The Starlings

Chicken John, former dictator of The Odeon Bar, is now involved producing shows with actual, talented circus performers, unlike his previous circus activities.

From Chicken’s Damnlist about tonight’s show:

The Odeon closed it’s doors last week, and no longer will the variety arts showcase Mecca be hosting impossible shows. Unless of course owner Chicken John decides to throw one at 12 Galaxies, which is precisely what is happening on Friday, May 27th.

Serving odd communities is what Chicken does… defending justice, throwing a glove at the feet of Burning Man, championing the amateur and basically pulling out of his ass things that other people don’t really see. Like the fact that 12 Galaxies has high ceilings, and there is no place in the Mission that has a trapeze rig. So he hired a rigger, put up the truss and put together: Music To NOT Plummet To Your Death By: an evening of improv trapeze and music. The band Kugelplex will provide the music: a blend of traditional klezmer and gypsy executed with wild blazing passion. 10 aerialists will provide the trapeze including Lorelei Ashe MacDonald, Jen Moore, Jaiar, Miriam Telles, Carrie Lynn Rosenbaum, Abigail, Abbey, Audrey, Emily, and Alannah. The band will play improv, and the aerialists will do whatever they want. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. Might be genius. Might be ridiculous. As long as no one plummets to their deaths it will be fun. Ah, the circus…

Headlining the event is the delicate and awe-inspiring STARLINGS; duo trapeze with Ena and Danny Starling. This dazzling display of danger and death-defying dexterity will astound, amaze and inspire. Clad in luxurious, jewel-encrusted costumes the Starlings nimbly engage in a a sultry and astonishing spectacle. Backed by the solid mastery of the As Is Brass Band, the Starlings are not to be missed: an achievement at the top of their class.

This show is priced moderately at $8, and I hope you will come to support the circus arts of San Francisco. You will likely never see a dozen aerialists in one show again.

The Odeon lives on!!!!!!