Surprisingly Elegant Parasol Mushroom and Red Cage Fungus Costumes Created for Artist’s Mushroom Thesis

Artist and student Jamie Green created a pair of surprisingly elegant fungi costumes. The first costume is that of a Macrolepiota Procera or parasol mushroom worn by artist Alyssa Russell, which he plans to use as one “small section” of his “very large mushroom thesis”.

This series will be featured in my thesis “More Than Just Mushrooms”, and it talks on the fact that YOU are more mushroom than you think—specifically regarding the biological similarities between mushrooms and humans.

The other costume Green designed is an intricate helmet modeled by artist Yekyung kwon that was made to look like Clathrys Ruber or red cage fungi, which is very common on the Gulf Coast of Florida where Green lives.

Lately I’ve seen (and heard of) many Clathrus Crispus growing here on the gulf coast of Florida, which I took as a sign from the earth—that maybe the fungi were aware I was constructing this costume.

via Boing Boing