Movies Reimagined as Classic Paperback Books

Designer Matt Stevens has created “Good Movies as Old Books”, a line of prints that very cleverly reimagine 100 of his favorite films as classic paperback book covers. The title of the film is the book title and the author is the director. Stevens stated that this project helped him marry two of his favorite mediums while allowing him to stretch his creative self.

My Good Movies as Old Books series combines my love of film and old book art. As a professional designer and illustrator, I took on the project as an exercise to help me out of a creative funk and as a way to experiment with new mediums and techniques.

Stevens is raising funds on Kickstarter to make these clever prints into an elegant, full-color book.

The book will be a high-end piece, produced by one of the most reputable book printers in the United States. The prints will be high-quality giclee prints, on archival paper. I have produced a similar book in the past on Kickstarter, so I feel well-armed to handle the challenges and risks of a project of this type.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips