Magnificent Mashup Featuring a Decade of Film Trailers From the Beginning of 2010 Through the End of 2019

Video editor Louis Plamondon, aka Sleepy Skunk (previously), has released a magnificent mashup encompassing an entire decade of incredible films starting from the beginning of 2010 through the very end of 2019. Several of the films reveal to the audience a heartfelt sense of comfort, compassion, love, while others seem to offer the strength to carry on and carry forward through troubled times.

Plamondon explained how he obtains and edits his mashups. He also stated that there were other films he wanted to include in this decade’s mashup, but the sound quality wasn’t clear enough.

For clean dialogue, watch all the tv spots for a movie’s campaign, many of which are on Youtube. You’ll be surprised how much clean dialogue you’ll find there. You can also get 5.1 audio splits on websites like The Digital Theater. I cannot get all the lines I wish for, sometimes they are drowned in music. I tried to use “What kind of coward hides behind a mask?” from JOKER this year but couldn’t get a clean pass.

Movie Trailer Mashup of the Decade Black Panther

Movie Trailer Mashup of the Decade John Wick

Movie Trailer Mashup of the Decade 2010 - 2019

Movie Trailer Mashup of the Decade Scott Pilgrim