Mousr, An Adorable Autonomous Robotic Toy That Intelligently Learns How to Entertain a Cat for Hours

Mousr phone

Mousr is a brilliantly designed, smart robotic chase toy that works with a proprietary app to design a plan to keep that cat entertained at all times. The Mousr comes with interchangeable chase attachments, can be operated either autonomously (like a Roomba) or with human intervention, and can take a beating from even the toughest tomcat. Additionally, the Mousr has an adorable little house to go to when it needs to be charged.

Bring the excitement of a cartoon cat and mouse chase right into your living room! Mousr’s suite of sensors and built-in artificial intelligence make him the most sophisticated cat toy on the market. …Mousr can drive on just about any household surface, and our unique Driver Assist mode uses Mousr’s sensors and AI to help navigate in tough driving conditions. You don’t have to be an expert driver to drive your cat crazy!

Mousr Bengal Chase

Mousr Attachments

Mousr House

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