‘Mousr’, A Robotic Cat Toy That Uses Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Learning to Mimic Real Prey

Think Pinky with a brain

Three graduate students in the electrical engineering program at the University of Illinois have created Mousr, an interactive robotic cat toy that uses artificial intelligence and adaptive learning so that it “can see and react to a cat’s movements, just like real prey.”

We’ve been building cat toys and cat furniture for years in an effort to understand our furry friends better. In particular, we became obsessed over figuring out what games and toys cats loved to play with. After observing how excited cats would get playing with us, and how bored they were with their automatic toys, we decided to build a better solution. As engineers, the solution was clear – robots. …Mousr also has a Bluetooth control so cat parents can play Tom and Jerry like games of cat and mouse in their own home.



Mousr Hardware Design

Mousr Look

Mousr Instructions

images via Mousr

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips