Visiting the Adorable Residents at the Mount Kinka Squirrel Park in Gifu, Japan

Squirrel Feeding

Rachel and Jun (of Jun’s Kitchen), who visited the Kitsune Mura Fox Village in 2015, travelled with a friend to the Mount Kinka Squirrel Village in the Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The two women donned gloves to feed the adorably friendly and hungry residents of the park. The day’s adventure was captured in wonderful high-definition footage.

The squirrel park (Kinka Squirrel Village) is right next to Gifu Castle. Gifu Castle is kind of a smaller Japanese castle, but it was only 200 yen to get inside and the view was beautiful! August is maybe not the best month to visit unless you like sweating.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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