Most Common Causes of Death During Specific Eras

David Goldenberg of MinuteEarth explained the most common causes of death during specific historical eras. This includes Prehistory, the Agricultural (Neolithic) Era, the Urbanization and Trade Era, and the Current Era, along with the causes specific to these particular moments.

About 110 billion people have  died throughout human history for millions   of different reasons. Some things, though,  have killed a lot more people than others,   so we’re going to take a historical tour of  human death and highlight how the common causes   of death changed over time…or didn’t. 

There are also three specific causes of death that have appeared throughout every era: homicide, childbirth, and malaria.

Unfortunately, …three killers,  which have been on a spree since the dawn  of humanity, and have likely dispatched more people than anything else. The first is other humans; childbirth, which has killed more than 5 billion women throughout history…We know from ancient  writings and anti-malarial adaptations deep in the human genome that malaria has been killing  people since day one. 

The Most Common Deaths In Different Eras
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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