A Fascinating Mossy Leaf Gecko Whose Pebbly Skin Matches the Bark of Trees for Excellent Camouflage

As part of their continuing Planet Earth series, Great Big Story profiled a really interesting mossy leaf-tailed gecko whose camouflaging skin looks just like the bark of the trees in the forests of Madagascar where they live. Unfortunately, just like the many other animals and insects who have appeared in this series, the mossy leaf gecko as a species is endangered due to their deforestation of their home.

This is Madagascar’s mossy leaf-tailed gecko. With the ability to grow up to six inches in length, these creatures possess an incredible camouflage that allows them to blend right into their forest habitats. They can scatter their shadows, making their outline nearly invisible to predators. Unfortunately, due to deforestation and increasing demand in the pet trade, the future of the species is under threat.