The Ethereal Sound of Moog’s New Etherwave Theremin

Moog Etherwave Theremin

The Moog Etherwave Theremin is a new instrument that combines the benefits of previous Moog Theremin models, the Etherwave Standard and Etherwave Plus, with new updates. This new model has an amazing five-octave pitch range, increased bass response, and easier playability.

With no reeds to blow, no keys to press, and no strings to pluck, the theremin defies all expectations of a musical instrument. It is instead played in a manner that seemingly conjures music from the ether, simply through the motion of the body when close to the instrument.

The sound of the instrument is powerfully ethereal, as demonstrated in The Octopus Project song “I Saw the Bright Shinies”.

To debut the new Etherwave Theremin, Austin-based electronica group The Octopus Project performs their original track “I Saw the Bright Shinies” in a performance filmed in the Moog Sound Lab.

Other artists have debuted this new version as well.

via Boing Boing