Moodlapse, An Interactive Mindfulness App That Combines Blooming Flowers With Binaural Brain Music

Moodlapse is a iOS mindfulness app that can provide calm and comfort to an individual through an interactive, combination of symmetrical kaleidoscopic floral imagery and brain music. The blooming flowers can be built upon for an individual customization experience.

As the sensory overload of online chatter has caused our attention spans to dwindle, we need a daily emotional anchor and that’s where tech could help. Meet Moodlapse, a new and unusual mood-enhancing iOS app that taps into flower power to help users to calm the pace, focus and reset for a mindful moment. Now available on the App Store, the app provides a unique interactive experience based on time-lapse video clips of flowers blooming.

The binaural soundscapes that accompany the images are specifically designed to work with the person’s brainwaves for a customizable centering experience.

Our exclusive soundscapes are designed to stimulate different brainwaves using sophisticated brain entrainment techniques such as binaural detuning, panning, volume modulation, and embedded sounds of nature. Each track works with different brainwave frequencies; choose between calming, relaxing and energizing effects.

Moodlapse Screen Shots

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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