MOO Meetup & Gallery Show

MOO MiniCards

MOO NoteCards

MOO, the company behind the wonderful MOO Flickr MiniCards and MOO NoteCards, are flying out from London next week to have a special MOO Meetup & Gallery Show on Tuesday, May 8th at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. MOO founder Richard Moross and his team will be in town for this special party and gallery show, where they are hanging the walls with beautiful implementations of MOO MiniCards and NoteCards.

So, we’ve rented 111 Minna, and a bunch of us are flying out from MOO HQ in London to hang out with our friends on the West Coast, on a night that is likely to include an exhibition of cool MOO stuff, loads of freebies, a rockin’ DJ and drinks on us.

The event is free, just bring a MOO card. More info on Upcoming.