Mondo 2000: An Open Source History

Mondo 2000

Ken Goffman aka R.U. Sirius is working creating a collaborative history of his pioneering magazine Mondo 2000 that will be in the form of a website, book and possibly even a documentary. He has set up the Kickstarter project “Mondo 2000: An Open Source History” to help raise funds the project.

MONDO 2000: An Open Source History is a web project and a book. All those who touched directly upon the history of the scene/magazine (including the earlier versions, High Frontiers and Reality Hackers) will be invited to write — or, in some cases, speak on video or audio — their stories and perceptions. Additionally, small groups of people will be encouraged to get together and record conversations. These will be posted on a private page available only to other participants. Participants will have the opportunity to insert comments into the text or add fresh entries.

Mondo 2000’s history is an exhilarating and weird tale of early digital culture, drugs, sex, surrealism, gonzo anthropology, death, digital culture, media hype, conspiracy paranoia, celebrities, transhumanism, irresponsible journalism, appropriation, hackers, pranks, theft, fun and desktop publishing.