Mission-Style Burritos, In Berlin!

Guest post by Todd Lappin/Telstar Logistics.

They’ve got Checkpoint Charlie. We’ve got Taqueria Cancun. We get our East Germany fix at Walzwerk, and now Berliners can get their San Francisco on at a new Mission-style burrito joint that just opened in Berlin:

Dolores Burritos, Berlin

Dolores Burritos, Berlin

The place is called Dolores, and apparently “They carry Anchor Steam and Negra Modelo!” Now that’s muy auténtico! The restaurant has gotten some coverage (in English) on Deutche Welle, which writes:

Having spent considerable time in California, the [founders of Dolores] compared notes and decided the city had a burrito gap just crying out to be filled by a fat tortilla stuffed with adobo beef, pinto beans and, yes, guacamole.

“I was in California for my job quite a lot and burritos were my favorite thing to eat there,” said Coenen, while describing the traditional Mexican dish.

“The food in San Francisco was a dream,” concurred Krahé. “In Berlin there’s not much to choose from except for döner and currywurst.”

via Mission Mission, with photos from oram.com