Converted Minivan Rides the Rails Through Vaser Valley in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania

Converted Minivan Vaser Valley Railway Romania

The Vaser Valley Railway is a narrow passageway through forest of the Carpathian Mountains in rural Mamures County in northern Romania. Much of the railway has eroded over the years, but one tourism service has been gaining popularity amongst visitors to the area. Several minivans have been converted into railcars that easily go up and down the tracks without issue. Much of the minivan stays the same for the driver, but there are some crucial differences.

The driver handles ignition, gears and accelerator pedal as in a normal car, while the steering wheel works on the brakes. The railcar has a reverse gear, but this is used only for short distances. When the railcar needs to change direction for a longer journey, it is turned on the spot by means of a plate that can be lowered on the rails at the gravity center of the railcar.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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