Miniature Art Urban Installation In The Mission

Guest post by Aaron Muszalski

Miniature art on Albion Street

Minature art (detail) on Albion Street

Over at the popular San Francisco neighborhood blog Mission Mission, Tomi Laine Clark has documented a wonderful micro art installation she found on a wall across the street from her apartment. I highly recommend taking a look at the full set of photos, as they’re really quite delightful. An unexpected recontextualization of the urban experience, done to dollhouse scale.

Needless to say, this is just one more in an endless list of reasons why I’m joyful to call myself a San Franciscan.

UPDATE: According to sources, this piece was installed by the mysterious Elsewhere Public Works Agency (who we’ve previously written about on Laughing Squid here) and whose curious projects have been appearing throughout the San Francisco Bay Area over the past year, often misleadingly attributed, or not attributed at all. Puzzling evidence indeed. Interested parties are encouraged to visit to The Jejune Institute for further inquiry.

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photos by Tomi Laine Clark