Mimus, A Giant Industrial Robot That Senses, Reacts and Imitates the Movements of Nearby Humans

In 2015 we wrote about Autodesk Pier 9 researcher Madeline “The Robot Whisperer” Gannon, the amazing engineer who developed the Quipt gesture-based software, which allowed robots to interact with their mirrored reflection while avoiding humans. Gannon’s more recent project entitled “Mimus” seeks to do just the opposite and is specifically programmed to sense, imitate and interact with humans while in her enclosure. Mimus was commissioned by Design Museum London for their inaugural exhibition, Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World, which runs through April April 23rd, 2017.

Mimus is a 1,200kg industrial robot that has been transformed into a living, breathing mechanical creature. More than a tool for performing repetitive tasks, she is able to sense and respond to your presence as you near her enclosure. With Mimus, we hope to show that despite our collective fears and anxieties surrounding robotics, there is the potential for empathy and companionship between humans and machines.




submitted via Laughing Squid Tips