Woman Teaches Industrial Robots to See, Follow, Mirror and Avoid Human Partners in a Shared Space

The short film “Madeline the Robot Tamer” documents the wonderful work of researcher Madeline Gannon. During her residency at Autodesk Pier 9, Gannon developed Quipt, amazing gesture-based software that uses wearable markers to “teach” industrial robots to follow, mirror and avoid its human partner in a shared space.

Quipt is a gesture-based control software that facilitates new, more intuitive ways to communicate with industrial robots. Using wearable markers and a motion capture system, Quipt gives industrial robots basic spatial behaviors for interacting closely with people. Wearable markers on the hand, around the neck, or elsewhere on the body let a robot see and respond to you in a shared space. This lets you and the robot safely follow, mirror, and avoid one another as you collaborate together.

via Vimeo Staff Picks