Michael Rapaport Hilariously Insults a Frowning Big Eyed Persian Cat in a Profanity Laced Voice Over Video

When actor and comedian Michael Rapaport came across this adorable video of Wilfred Warrior, a beloved big eyed, frowning chinchilla Persian, he provided a fantastically profanity laced voice-over. Throughout the short video, Rapaport insults Wilfred, calls for his mother and talks sweetly to a cat sitting in the window while Wilfred remains (obviously) blissfully oblivious to Rapaport’s loud rant.

Those of us familiar with Rapaport’s humor knows he’s just got a wicked sense of humor.

Here’s the original footage of Wilfred looking at the house without Rappaport’s voiceover.

And even Wilfred’s humans recognize that their funny little cat looks a lot like Steve Buscemi.

Rappaport made a sequel video: “This Little Funker Won’t Go Away”

Instagram took down Rappaport’s video because they claim it was degrading to the cat.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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