Meh, An Odd Daily Deal Site with Troll Videos, a TMBG Theme Song and One Thing for Sale Each Day

In 2014, we wrote about Meh, a brand new site from Woot! founder Matt Rutledge. At the time Rutledge was looking for a way to return to the roots of his daily deal concept after the sale of Woot! to Amazon didn’t work out as he had hoped. Rutledge’s vision was simple: a single deal every single day. Since that time, Mediocre Laboratories, the parent company behind Meh, has stayed true to Rutledge’s singular mission. Sales launch at midnight EST, and a percentage of items are kept aside some for a subsequent 8:00 AM launch for the “early to bed, early to rise” crowd.

Outside of their business model, what makes Meh so unique is their strong sense of community, their love of They Might Be Giants (who recorded their company theme songs) and their array of uniquely distinctive characters, such as a troll named Irk, a sock puppet named Glen and chicken on the mike, just to name a few. All of the characters talk, sing or joke about everything Meh, even an unexpected 404 Error.