Mechaphile Claims to Have Had Made Love With Over 1,000 Cars

63-year-old Edward Smith is a self-described mechaphile, and he explains his sexual and emotional attraction to cars in a video interview with Barcroft TV. Smith has been sexually attracted to vehicles since he was 14, and claims to have had sex with over 1,000 automobiles in his life. For the past 30 years, Smith has been in a long-term, open relationship with a Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla.

I feel a tremendous sense of calm when I am with her. No matter how I tell people they are blown away. ‘What’s he do just stick it up the tail pipe?’ That’s all they can think of and the sexual satisfaction it’s not like that. It’s so much more. It’s about making a connection with this car’s spiritual energy. I’ve been with Vanilla for 30 years now. I still get the temptation to pull over the side of the road if I see a really cute car parked. But I don’t want to break my promise to Vanilla to remain faithful to her.”