MC Frontalot Raps About the Meaning of Freedom in the Quirky Animated Music Video ‘Freedom Feud’

Some truths self-evident, but not among them: your notion. You’re posting computer code’s supposed to be free. They’ll dispute it, go “what’s freedom even mean?”

MC Frontalot, the prolific Nerdcore rapper, put together a timely track entitled “Freedom Feud” in which he sings about the concept freedom and how very differently that word is defined within different circles. The quirky video was directed by Chad Essley and produced by the free software company OpenNMS.

They sicced Chad Essley of on the lyric video and he snuck in all kinds of nonsense, including cameos by Snowden, Assange, Little Orphan Annie, and Drinky Crow. At one point he makes a psychedelic Lawrence Lessig head rap my lyrics for me. In the spirit of the topic, I prepared all the song’s stems into a remix kit and I’m releasing it under a CC license.

Freedom Feud