How Holographic Directed Light Can Work With Human Translucency to See Deep Inside the Body

Pioneering engineer, inventor, philanthropist, former Facebook/Google executive and MIT professor Mary Lou Jepsen gave a truly enlightening TED talk in April 2018 about how directed light of holography can be used to see deep inside the translucent human body to diagnose aberrations much in the way that an MRI would, but without the claustrophobic process. During her talk, Jepsen, founder of the MRI-resolution holographic wearables company, debuted a several of these holographic technologies that her company is working on to make available to for public use.

In a series of mind-bending demos, inventor Mary Lou Jepsen shows how we can use red light to see and stimulate what’s inside our bodies and brains. Taking us to the edge of optical physics, Jepsen unveils new technologies that utilize light and sound to track tumors, measure neural activity and could eventually replace the MRI machine with a cheaper, more efficient and wearable system.