Mark Hamill Plays Opposing Characters Discussing the Need to Wear a Mask in a Dr. Seuss Style Rhyme

The legendary Mark Hamill used his incredible voice acting skills to perform the lines of the characters in the illustrated book “Will You Wear a Mask” by Tom Ruegger. The poem, told in the beloved anapestic tetrameter style of Dr. Seuss, features Hamill playing the role of both a shopkeeper asking a patron to wear a mask and the stubborn patron who refuses to do so. All proceeds from the video go to World Central Kitchen.

The grocery store the grocery store
Welcome to our grocery store
Before you walk in through the door
There’s a rule you can’t ignore
So here’s the question I must ask
Will you please put on a mask
Will you wear a mask I ask…

Will You Wear a Mask I Ask

Will You Wear a Mask I Ask

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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