Compassionate Man Rescues 17 Orphaned Kittens Bringing Them Home to Live With Him

An incredibly compassionate man in Istanbul, Turkey came across 17 very hungry tiny kittens who were abandoned to the elements before a storm. He humanely trapped each of them and transported them to his home, where he lives with and cares for them on a daily basis.

The man who lives in the same house with the 17 kittens he saved is experiencing an explosion of happiness. If I could draw you a picture of happiness, it would be a kitten.

As he was feeding the kittens, several adult cats whom rescued came to investigate.

I fed 17 kittens at one table at the same time. …While I was feeding the kittens I rescued, the smell spread into the street and adult cats came to the window.

The kittens have completely bonded with him and think of him as their mother.

Meteorology issued the heaviest rain warning of the last century for Istanbul tonight. Tiny kittens had no chance of surviving against the heavy rain that would fall tonight. That night, thousands of kittens failed to survive the heavy rain in Istanbul. The kittens who encountered this man in the morning of that night managed to survive. 15 kittens fell in love with the man who saved their lives and thought this man was their mother.