Kind Man Quits Job to Save Street Dogs in Thailand

Niall Harbison bravely quit his job in Ireland and moved to Thailand to save as many of the country’s street dogs as possible.

Guy quits his corporate job to feed 800 stray dogs a day — and now he’s got a plan to save ALL the dogs

Harbison explained that he was making a lot of money at his job but was also depressed and drinking way too much. After a bout in the hospital, he made up his mind to do something meaningful with his life.

I used to work in the corporate world, in media back in Ireland. I had my own company and I loved it. But then I came to a realization moment. I was suffering from really bad depression and I actually almost died. …As I was about to die, I realized that none of that stuff really mattered at all. And I said if I make it through, all I want to do is save dogs.