British Filmmaker Unexpectedly Discovers That a Unfamiliar Cat Had Given Birth Under His Bed

On May 30, 2018, British filmmaker Paris Zarcilla went upstairs to his bedroom to grab a sweater and instead found that a beautiful black and white cat had given birth to adorable kittens right underneath his bed. Despite the fact that the cat wasn’t his, Zarcilla immediately fell in love with this lot of felines who crashed into his life. Zarcilla isn’t sure how the cat got under his bed, but was just so happy that they did.

I suspect it’s a neighbour’s. I leave my back door open a lot. Slept in my living room last night. Went upstairs to grab a jumper. Boom. Kittens. I am genuinely baffled.

Zarcilla even found himself vowing to be a better man because of the kittens.

Beginning to experience the dread and emotional turmoil of the idea that I might have to give up the fluff blessings at some point. This may be someone’s cat and I don’t want to take away this joy from anybody. But my dad instincts have kicked in so hard.

Zarcilla is still unsure as to which human the cat and kittens belong, but after speaking with Animal Protection, he learned that the cat cannot be separated from her kittens for four weeks, after which she can be scanned for a chip.

via MetaFilter