A Kind Man Very Carefully Digs Out a Blue Eyed Coyote Puppy Who Got Trapped Underneath Rocks

In 2015, construction worker David Bradley was working with his rock crusher when he accidentally disturbed a coyote den underneath. After four pups ran out, Bradley continued on with his work when he discovered a fifth pup caught underneath. The tiny blue eyed coyote peeked his little head out, but his legs were trapped. Very slowly but surely, Bradley and a co-worker dug at the rocks until the little coyote was freed.

Amazingly enough, even though I couldn’t possibly know that he was there, I didn’t hurt him and when I moved the next rock he was just “there”. I called one of my coworkers over to help dig him out by hand. Beautiful little blue eyed coyote. He didn’t seem to be afraid of us and actually looked as if he knew we weren’t going to hurt him. pup.

After being lifted out and brushed off, the little coyote took off running.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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