Man Builds a Furnished House for Adopted Squirrels

A compassionate Los Angeles man named Derrick Downey Jr. built a fully-furnished micro apartment for his adopted squirrels, Richard and Maxine. The apartment features an expansive green lawn with various yard accouterments, including a birdbath and a large covered balcony on the roof. The interior features a fireplace, a large-screen television, and a sofa built for two.

Downey also built a driveway for tiny delivery trucks making deliveries and installed a video doorbell to catch intruders.

This guy builds a house with a tiny kitchen and living room for a squirrel named Richard. When the squirrel brings home friends, the best enemies-to-lovers story ensues between Richard and Maxine.

Downey also gives Richard some very good advice from his own life experiences.

I can’t tell you how many times I thought about giving up, but as long as you don’t give up. It don’t matter how many times. Let me tell you something, it still hurts because you haven’t healed from okay whatever you’re going through…don’t you ever sacrifice your authenticity for other people’s approval.